New Rich Minds - Making Money Online - Journey from £0 to £1000

New Rich Minds – Making Money Online – Journey from £0 to £1000

What is New Rich Minds?

New Rich Minds is a phrase or idea that intends to classify the entrepreneurial digital revolution. We literally have the world at our fingertips. We can purchase, sell, read, write. Expression has never been easier, creating a business has never been easier.

The accessibility of the internet has opened up the world to individuals and this provides opportunity. However, this openness and accessibility also makes it more difficult to express, create and sell.

Markets are oversaturated, content is excessive and it is difficult to navigate in such a space. The purpose of this blog is follow my journey making money online. I aim to make £10,000 from nothing.

I will be documenting multiple projects that will aid in my objective of making £10,000 online.

How will you make £10,000 online?

I document how I made my first £1000 here.

The next step of my journey is to invest my £1000 into a project that will make £5000. This will most likely be an e-commerce store but my intention is to mitigate risk and investment as much as possible.

The final step of the journey is £5000 to £10,000 which i will assume will be a lot more difficult. Depending on how successful the projects were up to £5000 I may continue but I do intend to diversify my money making projects as much as possible.

What happens once you have made £10,000?

Once I have made £10,000 online I intend to increase the target. Ultimately, I want to make a consistent passive income online but the goal will be £100,000 and then £1,000,000

Will this blog just be about making money online?

Initially, the purpose of this blog is to follow my journey making money online. However, I am interested in fitness, cooking, saving money and reading so if there is demand for these topics I would be happy to write about them.

Where can we contact you?

Feel free to comment on any blog post but we can also be found:

On Facebook: Here

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